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NASCAR Sports Grille - Universal City Walk in Orlando, FL

This project was on a fast track for completion from the very beginning.  Our design-build team was a joint effort with Alliance Contracting Corporation.  The Cordish Company had us start the project in July 2006 and stressed the importance of reopening for business during 'Speed Week' on February 14th, 2007. The project entailed a complete redesign of the 25,000 square foot NASCAR restaurant concept and creating a 1,000 square foot addition for the retail center. The team of architects, interior designers, engineers, owners, audio-visual consultants, building officials and contractors all required individual best efforts to assure this project was completed on time.  The construction documentation was designed and completed within a two month period. The permits were received within one month. Once the permits were received, the site was active for almost every minute of the day until it was completed.  As the architect, we visited the site every other week of construction.  Renovation work always creates its own challenges when the covered items become exposed and conflicts with design concepts.  We were able to create details while at the site and meet with building officials as required to assure the construction schedule was not delayed.  The effort was tremendous and the outcome is spectacular.  Visit this fun restaurant on your next family vacation to Orlando.




Exterior View of Entry Feature



Exterior View of NASCAR Gear Store
Hostess Station and Stair


Second Floor Dining Area

Skin Institute - Coral Springs, FL

Dermatology Consultants of South Florida wanted to create a State Certified Operating Center for their MOHS patients.  In this project, we took a restaurant site and doubled the size of the building to be 12,000 square feet.  The renovation included changing the look of the building to be aligned with the Coral Springs redevelopment plans for the business district.  The challange was to create the cutting edge MOHS facility with separate patient and staff circulation areas.  This was acheived with a central hub for the staff with rooms branching out.  The patient walkways surround the opratories.  The challange for this project was to create the facility under the $1.8 million budget.  The joint effort of our design-build team with Terramark Construction assured this goal was acheived.



Front Elevation


Reception and Lobby