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Tenant Build-Out Design Site Planning and Shell Building Design Full Service Building Design

Site Planning and Shell Building Design is geared towards our real estate investment client.  We understand that this realm of architecture is to create exciting projects that are profitable. 

Project Types:

  • Restaurant and Hospitality. Our specialty.
  • Medical Building including State Registered Facilities
  • Professional Office Building
  • Dry Cleaners. We are award winners in this field.
  • Corporate Office Building
  • Educational Facilities
  • MRI Facilities
  • Spa and Hair Salons
  • Religious Facilities

Services Included:

  • Site Planning
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Schematic Building Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Addressing Permit Comments
  • Bidding Coordination
  • Negotiating the General Contractor
  • Construction Administration

Optional Services:

  • Obtaining Site Locations
  • Design-Build Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Estimation During Design Process
  • Permit Expediting

Service Capabilities:


We approach the design of your site by understanding your goals for the site.  During this process, we will work closely with you to develop the site into a comprehensive project that meets all the your needs set for the site.


The design process continues until we meet or exceed the expectations set for the site plan.  During the site plan design process, we will meet with the municipality officials to assure the building will work within the requirements of the Zoning and/or Planning department of the municipality.


Once the site plan has met or exceeded your expectations, we will jointly work on the layout and elevations for the building or complex of buildings. This process is also an evolution of designs.  Our design will be compatible with the budget, design intent and aesthetics wanted for the building or complex of buildings.


Upon your approval and the municipality's approval of the site plan and building, we will begin the construction documentation. The construction documentation includes architecture, surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, irrigation design, interior design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing engineering, fire sprinkler engineering, fire alarm design, kitchen design, audio/visual design, sound engineering, traffic studies, noise studies, surveying, arborist reports, smoke evacuation engineering, public art, or any other specialty.


When the construction documentation is complete, we will provide the documents needed for permitting. We will have either a general contractor or a permit expiditor submit the permit drawings to the City and track the permit while in review.  If comments need to be addressed, we address the comments until a permit is issued.


During the bidding phase, we send out the bid documents to the general contractors and set the standards for the bid period.  We address all RFI's (Request For Information) during this bid period.  Upon receipt of the bids from the general contractors, we will review and qualify the bids.  Once the bids are qualified, we will select the general contractor with you.  The contract shall be reviewed by this office and prepared for your attorney to advise you on the contract negotiations.


During the construction phase, we will work with the general contractor on a scheduled basis until the project is completed.  If the general contractor needs additional information to complete the design as intended by this firm, we will provide any necessary details to complete the work.  This office will provide regular field investigations to assure the contruction is progressing according to the schedule and contract documents.  The pay requests provided by the general contractor are reviewed our field representative prior to delivery to you to assure the work invoiced has been completed.  A final walk through and punch list is completed by this office at the end of the job.


This project service assures the highest quality construction and completion of the project within a timely manner.