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It has been stated to the staff of RJS Archtiects that our philosophy about architecture is unique from other leaders of the industry.  We are of the opinion that all the players involved in the completion of your project are equally important and should be understood.


RJS Architects is staffed with architects who not only recieved degrees in architecture but have dirtied their hands in the construction process.  This allows our designs to be built easily and cost effectively.  This does not mean that we are not willing to understand new techniques or learn new methods of construction.  On the contrary, our best friends are our colleges on the construction side of architecture, the general contractor and sub-contractors.  Our constant communication with the men and women who turn our two dimensional drawings into three dimensional structures allows us to be better at designing your next project.


We believe that efficient and quaility design is of utmost importance.  However, we also understand that high priced design is not always the best solution.  Our goal is to build quaility projects at the lowest possible construction fee.